Summer School

Introduction to Astronomical Instrumentation

First Light on the Decade’s Most Innovative Instruments

10 – 15 August 2014
University of Toronto, Canada

Application and travel subsidy deadline: 11 April 2014

The Dunlap Institute’s annual, five-day summer school provides an introduction to cutting-edge astronomical instrumentation for current and future telescope facilities.

The school is designed around both lecture and interactive laboratory activities led by astronomers from around the world who specialize in the development of astronomical instruments. The program will introduce students to the basic principles of optics and detectors, as well as to advanced topics in instrument design and development. It includes a focus on laboratory, computer and data acquisition skills.

Students will:

• Learn basic principles of OPTICAL, INFRARED and RADIO instrumentation
• Learn how detectors and spectrographs work
• Attend a hands-on Fourier Transform Spectrometer lab
• Learn in lecture and hands-on laboratory sessions
• Work with students from around the world
• Learn about a career in instrumentation
• Learn from leaders in the field of astronomical instrumentation
• Attend professional development sessions, incl. a mentoring lunch for female students

Who should attend?

The summer school is aimed at students who have finished at least the 3rd year of an undergraduate program or are in the early years of a graduate program, and have a background in astronomy, physics or engineering.

Registration fee: $500

Travel subsidies and registration-fee waivers available




Additional Information

Read more about the 2014 school on the U of T Magazine blog.

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Invited Instructors*

  • Sarah Church, Stanford University
  • René Doyon, Université de Montréal
  • James Graham, UC Berkeley
  • Olivier Guyon, University of Arizona; Subaru National Observatory; JPL
  • Phil Hinz, University of Arizona
  • Anna Moore, California Institute of Technology
  • David Naylor, University of Lethbridge
  • Alison Peck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • Christine Wilson, McMaster University

Dunlap Institute Instructors*

  • Brian Cherinka
  • Tuan Do
  • Rachel Friesen
  • Jérome Maire
  • Laura Newburgh
  • Michael Reid
  • Suresh Sivanandam
  • Keith Vanderlinde
  • Shelley Wright

* Confirmed as of 12 Feb 2014